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icone_piedIs it still possible to travel like the pilgrims of yesteryear ? That is the question which was the origin of the project "Tout En Marchant": A world on foot with almost no money. With a daily budget of 2 euros, they left on May 7th 2008 from Valence in France, for a walk which let them cross all continents throught more than 30 countries in 5 years.

During the next months the website will be totally transform and moved on the Drupal CMS. During this process the website gonna disturbed or inactive. To continu to follow us just come on our facebook fan page

After 6 years and 4 months Thierry decided to end his journey around the world. On September 27th he flew back to France, from Kuala Lumpur.

That was a long and difficult decision to take. I have been considering this for over a year, thinking about the things i will get and the things i will loose. Actually, going back was almost as hard as leaving, 6 years ago. I took my decision, I don't regreet. I will travel again, for sure but for now i need some more stability.

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mercredi 14 janvier 2015


Happy new year to all, we are currently in Pekanbaru Where Marie a french girl joined us and will accompany us for a while. For now we are quite lucky for the rain and the flood. New pictures avalaible on the website.

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"Tom Wolfe was right. You can't go home again because home has ceased to exist except in the mothballs of memory."

John Steinbeck

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